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Roasted March 21st

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Sourced directly by The Coffee Quest, renowned importers with a close partnership with Felipe Luzon of Finca los Eucaliptos in Zamora Chinchipe, Ecuador, this coffee bears testament to the rich flavors of the region. Our journey with this particular batch concludes with our final roast in March 2024. However, we eagerly anticipate reintroducing a diverse array of Ecuadorian coffees into our lineup as we forge ahead in 2024.


Felipe Luzon
1,600 masl
Zamora-Chinchipe, Ecuador
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Felipe’s passion for coffee began when his parents introduced him to it at an early age. He planted his first coffee tree at the age of eight and harvested his first cherries when he was twelve. The Luzon family takes pride in their coffee crops, their main source of income.

Five years ago...

Felipe joined Recambio Generacional, a project promoted by an association of producers designed to incentivize younger producers to plant more coffee in the region. After receiving his initial 7,000 seedlings of Mejorado, he successfully cultivated an additional 7,000 trees.

About Mejorado

Mejorado is a unique variety primarily grown in Ecuador. Although it is often mistakenly referred to as Typica Mejorado due to genetic testing by World Coffee Research, it is actually a Bourbon variety cross-pollinated with an Ethiopian Landrace variety.

Zamora-Chinchipe, Ecuador

Zamora Chinchipe, located in southern Ecuador, is a renowned coffee-producing province in the Andes Mountains. The region's high altitude, fertile volcanic soils and consistent rainfall create ideal conditions for cultivating high-quality coffee varieties.

Zamora Chinchipe's unique terroir contributes to the distinct flavours and aromas of its coffee. Coffee production plays a vital role in the province's economy, providing employment and income for local farmers.


The Coffee Quest
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