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Roasted March 21st

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Sourced directly by Canadian coffee importers, Apex, this coffee represents our curated espresso, meticulously crafted to serve as an ideal introduction to the world of specialty coffee. Offering a delightful familiarity reminiscent of the coffee bar experience, Colombian coffees are celebrated for their consistently high-quality crops throughout the year. Anticipating the excitement, we eagerly await the addition of more Colombian coffees to our lineup in the near future.


Co-op Especiales
2,130 - 2,285 masl
Caturra & Colombia
Buesaco, Nariño, Colombia
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Apex Coffee Imports works with a large lot comprised of several farms, dedicated to growing 100% specialty coffee, surrounding the town of Buesaco, aiming to enhance management and productivity.

Many young Quitupamba producers have chosen to settle in this area due to its favourable microclimate for coffee production and affordable living conditions. This year's clean and crisp cup profile reflects the result of the hard work and continuous efforts these farmers have put into their crops.

About Caturra

Caturra coffee is primarily cultivated in Buesaco, Nariño, Colombia, a region renowned for its high altitudes, volcanic soils, and abundant rainfall. Caturra variety is known for its small in size, high yield, medium body, bright acidity and complex flavours. Coffee producers in Buesaco employ meticulous harvesting and processing methods to preserve its exceptional quality.

Buesaco, Nariño, Colombia

Buesaco, Nariño, Colombia, is a critical player in the country's coffee industry due to its high-altitude location (1,800-2,200 meters above sea level), creating ideal conditions for exceptional coffee.

Coffee farmers in Buesaco belong to cooperatives or associations that promote sustainability and fair prices by providing resources, technical assistance, and equitable market access. These initiatives produce remarkable coffee beans highly valued in the specialty market.


Apex Coffee Imports
Farmgate pricing
4.20 USD per lb
FOB pricing
4.70 USD per lb
évery paid
7.47 USD per lb
Lot size
Total lot size of 750 kg. évery allocated 70 kg
Cupping score of 85.5 points