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San Jeronimo Tecoatl

San Jeronimo Tecoatl

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This is our first Mexican Single Origin release of 2024 which comes from Producers of San Jeronimo Tecoatl in Sierra Mazateca, in Oaxaca, Mexico.


San Jeronimo Tecoatl Producers
1500-1700 masl
Mundo Novo, Typica, Bourbon
San Jeronimo Tecoatl, Sierra Mazateca, Oaxaca
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We came across coffees from Oaxaca state, Mexico, a few months ago at a cupping event where we had the opportunity to meet Kyle from Osito coffee importers. We currently feature another coffee from Osito in our lineup and continue to be impressed by coffees sourced from Osito. At the cupping table, the coffees from Oaxaca were different; they stood out against other coffees, and we knew we would get coffees from this region eventually. Recently, we had the opportunity to try the micro lot from San Jeronimo Tecoatl.

While Osito is familiar with the Sierra Mazateca, this is their very first separation of coffee from Tecoatl. Lying a little north and west of their primary focus areas, they had yet to taste much coffee from this area before 2023. Like many places in Oaxaca, each producer's parchment volumes were so minimal that it was impossible to create single producer separation, presenting these coffees as 'community micro lots'.

About Mundo Novo cultivar

Mundo Novo is a coffee cultivar from a natural cross between Bourbon and Typica in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Mundo Novo varieties were likely introduced to Mexico as part of efforts to diversify coffee cultivation. After adaptation to local growing conditions, the varieties were distributed across coffee-producing regions. Farmers adopted Mundo Novo based on flavour, yield, and disease resistance. The success and impact of Mundo Novo in Mexico depended on its adaptability and acceptance within the coffee industry.

San Jeronimo Tecoatl, Sierra Mazateca, Oaxaca

San Jerónimo Tecoatl is a town and municipality in the Sierra Mazateca region in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico. In South Western Mexico, Sierra Mazteca, characterized by mountainous terrain, affects the coffee flavour profile through altitude and climate. San Jeronimo Tecoatl's micro-lot coffee exhibits unique flavour notes influenced by local conditions. Oaxacan coffees, known for their bright acidity and medium body, showcase diverse flavour profiles. The cultural and agricultural practices in the region, emphasizing tradition and sustainability, contribute to shaping the distinct characteristics of coffee.

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Cupping score of 87 points