My fascination with the specialty coffee industry led me to embark on journeys to coffee-producing countries such as Ecuador, Costa Rica and Brazil and engage directly with coffee farmers and producers. It was a profound revelation to witness the significance of coffee production within the agriculture communities and our planet. This is why we uphold our values of sustainability and transparency and seek to preserve the traditions of these communities by passing them on to you.

— Denis Betancourt Belov, Founder

Our mission is to conserve nature and nurture deeper connections with coffee-producing communities, it goes beyond mere coffee sales.

Our vision is to elevate the coffee experience and reestablish connections among all participants in its production and consumption, from farmers to consumers.

Our Values


Partner with carefully selected coffee producers and implement ethical operations that bolster the prosperity of coffee-producing communities. This involves endorsing sustainable agricultural practices to minimize the environmental impact of coffee production.


Ensure comprehensive transparency across the coffee supply chain, from production to consumption, by cultivating close relationships with coffee-producing communities and forming partnerships with coffee importers who maintain direct connections to coffee producers.


Upraise the coffee experience for our customers by rekindling their connection to the essence encapsulated in their favourite cup of coffee. Our speciality lies in the realm of light roast single-origin, a pursuit that unveils the finest attributes: aroma, acidity, body, and flavour.