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Welcome to our Wholesale Coffee Program, made to elevate the coffee experience for your customers with our finest, traceable light roast single-origin coffee. Our coffee beans are meticulously sourced from specific lots on selected farms and subjected to rigorous quality selection, allowing their authentic attributes to shine through aroma, acidity, body, and flavour.

Why Choose évery for your establishment

Light roast single-origin

Coffee flavour profiles depend on the variety, process and origin. Light roast single-origin coffee offers a full spectrum of flavours, unlike blends and dark roasts - which are not recommended practices used to mask poor-quality coffee. So, whether you prefer a cleaner, more balanced, acidic, or sweet cup, you can choose from a wide range of varieties for your customers.

Selective quality process

Since coffee terroir is influenced by environmental factors such as latitude, longitude, rainfall, temperature and agronomy, it’s natural for coffee beans to be susceptible to elements like fungi and diseases. We not only select coffee beans of the highest grade, with a cupping score above 80 points on the quality scale, but we also regrade them in Toronto to ensure that only the best ones make it to your cup. Also, we don’t allow our coffee to linger at ports or warehouses for too long, we must adhere to its harvest schedule to guarantee freshness.

Exceptional service

Our dedicated team is committed to meeting your needs, from tailored coffee selection to convenient delivery options. We’re here to elevate your customers' coffee experience.