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Ulises Nayra

Ulises Nayra

Roasted May 9, 2024

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We are excited to introduce our first coffee from Peru and our second collaboration with Canadian coffee importers, Apex. Partnering with Apex allows us to provide transparent information about these exceptional coffees. We are particularly drawn to the story of Ulises Nayra, and through our unique roasting style, we've crafted a complex and balanced cup, bursting with flavorful notes.


Ulises Nayra
1,870 masl
La Chirimoya, El Huabo, San Ignacio, Peru
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Ulises Nayra, a third-generation coffee producer, has been growing coffee in the small town of El Huabo, San Ignacio since 2010. He has been working with Apex’s partner since many years but first had difficulty adopting some of the agricultural practices that his neighbours and family members had started to see great success with. Over the past three years, he has reinvested in some of these practices in growing and processing and his results have been amazing! Like his father and grand-father before him, Ulises now knows coffee farming like the back of his hand and hopes to continue the tradition with his own children.

About Marshell

In Peru, the best coffee discovered 24 years ago on Grimanés Morales Lizana's La Lucuma farm in Cajamarca remains a mystery in origin. This exceptional coffee plant, named Marshell after family members, emerged as a standout on the farm, showing exceptional resistance to pests compared to others. In preparation for the 2017 Cup of Excellence, the coffee was evaluated and found to be of outstanding quality. Despite its unique appearance differing from common varieties on the farm, it's believed to be a fortunate mutation of Bourbon, boasting improved resistance, productivity, and quality traits.

About the processing method of this coffee

The process begins with a wet fermentation lasting approximately 18 to 24 hours, followed by careful drying on raised beds and sun exposure for 15 to 18 days

La Chirimoya, El Huabo, San Ignacio, Peru

La Chirimoya in El Huabo, San Ignacio, Peru, is a notable coffee-growing region known for its high-altitude terrain and favorable climate for specialty coffee cultivation. The area's coffee farms benefit from cool temperatures and well-defined seasons, ideal for producing quality Arabica coffee varieties like Bourbon, Typica, and Caturra. Coffee processing methods typically involve wet fermentation followed by sun drying on raised beds. This region's coffee industry is economically important, supporting local communities and showcasing unique coffees like the Marshell variety, which has gained recognition for its exceptional quality and flavor.

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